ETEK holding is a manufacturer of LCD screens for smart devices such as iPhone and Android phones & tablets. ETEK has established a high-tech manufacturing facility with automatic and semiautomatic machines in a 100% dust free, temperature & humidity controlled cleanroom environment.

We maintain high quality in production process, production environment and in product quality through five stages of quality controls including bubble removers and iron cleaning methods. We have dual production line to fulfill customer demand. ETEK and its associated companies on the mainland have established sales channels for products other than LCD screens for smart phone and tablets.

We have highly experienced management and production team managing our plant. Our sales team has experience in selling multiple products and have excellent customer relations with various customers. ETEK holding has already surveyed the market potential and identified customers before it decided to establish manufacturing facility in Puerto Rico. ETEK holding has designated 100% of products for export into US, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean.